The rats are out of the bag (again)!

Nearly a year ago now, we put up a blog post to announce our 2015 Halloween production ‘The Rats in the Walls & Other Tales’The show ended up being hugely popular and we sold out both performances – we were chuffed to say the least.

In the year since we’ve been rather busy (too busy, in fact, to come up with better puns for our blog post titles…). We got a lot of excellent feedback from last year’s show, and we soon realised that, although we were very happy with the show, there was potential to make it bigger, better, and scarier…

And now we can announce that, after a year of development, a brand spanking new production of ‘The Rats in the Walls & Other Tales’ will be staged this Halloween at Moyse’s Hall Museum in Bury St Edmunds!

So what’s different? Well for starters, our inspiration. Last year’s production was very much inspired by old anthology TV shows like ‘The Twiight Zone’ and ‘Tales From The Crypt’, where enigmatic presenters would introduce short stories of horror, science-fiction, and the bizarre. This year we wanted to create something a little more “joined up”, so we turned for inspiration to plays like ‘The Woman In Black’ and Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman’s ‘Ghost Stories’. This year’s ‘Rats’ has an over-arching story within which all the other stories get told. There are characters whose journeys you will follow, themes that will be explored, a beginning, a middle, and a, very definite, end.

This new version of the show also features a new writer – M.R. James. There’s a nice local connection with James, who was raised down the road in Great Livermere, and many of his stories are based in Suffolk, including Aldeburgh and Bury St Edmunds. James predominantly wrote ghost stories, which he would tell to his family by the fireside at Christmas parties (they stopped inviting him after a while). We’ve enjoyed weaving in James’ supernatural tales amidst the more balls-to-the-wall horror stories of Poe and Lovecraft.

We’re also in a brand new venue! We’re lucky that, much like The Farmers Club last year, Moyse’s Hall Museum is exceptionally atmospheric, and well suited for this kind of show. As soon as we got the venue confirmed we started working on how to turn the space into the sinister sub-cellar of Exham Priory, and it wasn’t long before we realised that we won’t need to do much!

And finally: this year we’re going to have an interval! Where you can get a drink!! At a bar!!! If that doesn’t sell the show then we’re not sure what will!

Now, that’s enough from us, we’ve got lots to do, with only a week to go till rehearsals begin. So, if you’re feeling brave this Halloween, take a trip down into the bowels of an ancient, crumbling castle, and join us for a story or two. We’ll be waiting.

And so will the rats…


‘The Rats In The Walls & Other Tales’ will be performed at Moyse’s Hall, between Thursday 27th October and Saturday 29th October, at 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £10.00 and may be purchased by calling The Apex Box Office on: 01284 758000

Alternatively tickets can be bought online from Whats On West Suffolk by clicking here.

This production is sponsored by: The Suffolk Pest Control Company.

This production is supported by: Bury St Edmunds Town Council, Polstead Press, and Krys10 Design.