East Anglia, 1645

England is in chaos. A divided nation terrorised by bloody civil war. Neighbour turns on neighbour, resources are stretched to breaking point, and communities begin to collapse. Rumours of witches begin to abound...

Amidst the turmoil a young Manningtree gentleman emerges from obscurity to lead a crusade against wickedness that will soon turn into one of the deadliest witch hunts in British history.


WITCHES OF WEST SUFFOLK is an exciting new community heritage project by Bring Out Your Dead Productions exploring a much misunderstood part of East Anglian history.

There will be community research groups open for anyone to join, a new play based on the community's research, a guided walk around local witch finder hotspots, and a new documentary exploring the history.

For a more in-depth overview of the project check out our blog post.

We'll be adding more information about how you can get involved very soon. In the meantime make sure you follow the project on social media using the links below...


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Email us: witches@bringoutyourdeadproductions.com 

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